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What is C-ID?

Course Identification Numbering System

C-ID is a supplemental common course numbering system aimed at helping students and faculty identify courses across institutions that fulfill associate or baccalaureate degree requirements.

C-ID designations can be used in two ways:

  1. When a community college course has a C-ID designation, such as C-ID HIST 130, that course can be used in place of any other community college course that has that same C-ID designation for the purpose of fulfilling associate degree major requirements.
  2. Additionally, universities can indicate C-ID designations accepted for lower division major preparation requirements. For example, a university can indicate for its history major that C-ID HIST 130 fulfills a particular major preparation requirement, so any community college course with the C-ID HIST 130 designation will be accepted to fulfill that requirement.

You have two options to view C-ID designated courses at IVC:

  • Option 1: Visit  and select Irvine Valley College from the Colleges drop down menu
  • Option 2: Visit ASSIST.Org and select Irvine Valley College


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