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Goals for ASIVC

Goal 1

Services and Activities

  • To provide events, services and activities and communications that contribute that build community; ensure academic success; encourage creative expression, personal growth, safety and well-being; foster diversity and equity; and promote student advocacy and leadership for our students.

Goal 2

Student Leadership Development

  • To increase student knowledge, engagement, participation and satisfaction in student clubs, organizations, departments, co-curricular programs, campus-wide governance committees, workgroups and taskforces.
  • To provide ongoing comprehensive leadership development opportunities to increase the efficiency of students involved in governance.
  • To assure the student leaders and employees can demonstrate multicultural (racial, gender, class, religious, ability and sexual orientation) competencies and promote diversity of entire college community.

Goal 3

Facilities and Technology

  • To update and maintain professional facilities, office and public spaces, physical environments, supplies and equipment necessary for conducting official Associated Students services and activities;
  • To keep current with computing technology.

Goal 4

Fiscal Management

  • To maintain and increase financial revenue for Operating Surplus Account for ongoing and long term initiatives
  • To provide guidelines for the financing of ASIVC¬† business;
  • To provide and engage in a timely and detailed fiscal management process for our student clubs, organizations, co-curricular programs, departments and vendors.

(Ratified by ASIVC on Tuesday, September 15, 2015)