Athletic Counseling:

Please ask for the Athletic Counselor (Joe Rubino) at the Counseling Center front counter in SSC-210. Provide your student ID number, name and sport. You may also request to schedule an appointment with the athletic counselor or call 949-451-5319.


Early Registration

Visit the Admissions and Record's at IVC Important Dates and Deadlines webpage for up-to-date registration and deadline information.

Summer 2016 early registration begins April 4 for veterans, DSPS & EOPS students. Fall 2016 early registration begins May 2 for veterans, DSPS & EOPS students. Other student-athletes with early registration requested by the coach may begin to register next.

To view your day and time to register into classes on MySite, go to: MySite > My Information> Matriculation> Appointment; then select the term‚Äč.

Petitioning a Class?

Below is an example email to write an instructor before you attend the first class meeting; you can print out a copy of your email to take with you to the first class meeting to talk with the instructor.

Please Bring Your Information to Athletic Counseling

  • Talk with your coach about your athletic goals
  • ring AP scores plus copies of any college courses taken outside IVC or Saddleback College
  • Bring a copy of your NCAA Eligibility Center (Clearinghouse) Information for NCAA Division I & II

Graduating and Transferring Student-Athletes: Transcripts

Unofficial Transcripts

For unofficial records, log onto MySite, click on My Classes and Click on Academic History. Print or select save as pdf for a copy of IVC and Saddleback College courses.

For Official/Sealed Transcripts:

The 4-year school lists or provides information when a student-athlete must provide official (sealed and unopened) transcripts. Student-athletes order the final official, sealed and unopened transcripts to be mailed from each IVC and Saddleback College, if any Saddleback College courses were taken. The final transcripts must be ordered to show posted grades and if applicable, the associate degree awarded.

For IVC, there are 3 ways to request the official, sealed transcript: 1st 2 in-person requests are free with IVC Admissions & Records, downstairs in the Student Services Building.

If there's difficulty opening TranscriptsPlus, use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Graduation Ceremony/Commencement

  • Visit the Admissions and Record's Graduation website for more information on IVC's graduation process.
  • Visit the Student Services Commencement Ceremony website for more information.