Athletic Counseling:

International (F1 Visa) Student Athletes

Contact the Irvine Valley College Coach for the intercollegiate athletic team of your interest; click here or see the coach's contact information on the left.

F1 visa (international) student-athletes must follow additional application requirements; see the Irvine Valley College International Student Center

Matriculation is required to register into classes; click on Irvine Valley College Admissions Steps/Matriculation

Study for & then complete the English as a Second Language (ESL) or Native English and Math assessments at Irvine Valley College.

Students can show up for an assessment time to see if there is space available to take the assessment. Students have been accommodated on most days. To see assessment days and times and schedule an appointment, click on the IVC Matriculation/Student Services webpage: IVC Placement and then "Make your Appointment."

Note: You cannot schedule an appointment for IVC assessments from MySite

To view day and time for class registration, go to: MySite > My Information> Matriculation> Appointment