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My Academic Plan (MAP) formerly CMAP

What is MAP (My Academic Plan)?

MAP is IVC’s online academic planning tool, enabling you to make the most of your time at IVC by helping you develop a roadmap to your academic goal. MAP is available through MySite. Students are able to create MAPs and have them reviewed and approved by a counselor to ensure accuracy and success. More information on how to complete an approved MAP is provided here

What is an Approved MAP (My Academic Plan)?

An Approved MAP is a roadmap from beginning to the completion of your academic goal that has been approved by a counselor at Irvine Valley College. Counselors approve MAPs during counseling appointments or at the MAP Lab.  You can start your MAP in MySite using the My Academic Plan (MAP) tool. An Approved MAP will identify the courses required for you to reach your academic goal whether you plan to pursue a certificate, an associate’s degree, and/or transfer.

Who is required to complete a MAP?

All students MUST have an Approved MAP upon completion of 15 degree applicable units or before the end of their 3rd semester. Students who do not get a MAP approved by a counselor will be blocked from registration.

Meet with a counselor as soon as possible to review your educational options and have your MAP approved!

How to complete an approved MAP