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Counseling Center:

Counseling Center Services

The Irvine Valley College Counseling Center provides counseling services to help students with a variety of academic, career, and personal concerns.  The counseling faculty assists students in clarifying their needs, making decisions, setting goals and dealing effectively with personal obstacles.  The relationship between the student and counselor is confidential. 

Academic Counseling

  • Academic Planning:  IVC Counselors are available to assist students in accurately planning courses to meet academic goals such as earning a certificate, an Associate degree, and /or transfer to a college or university.  Students may access the My Academic Plan (MAP) planning tool on MySite.
  • Counseling Appointments:  Students seeking academic planning assistance, transcript evaluation, guidance on academic policies and procedures, exploring transfer options and requirements, developing study and time-management skills, overcoming test anxiety, petitioning for certificates and degrees, and more, may contact the Counseling Center for a ½ hour appointment with a counselor. Veterans, Honors, International, and Athletic counseling services are available and should be requested when making the appointment.
  • Drop-In Counseling:  Drop-in counseling is for quick questions that do not require a scheduled appointment.  Drop-ins are limited to 5-10 minutes and are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Online Academic Counseling:  This is an extension of our drop-in counseling services and provides the opportunity to ask quick questions of a counselor online.
  • Advisement:  Most first-time students are required to attend a new student advisement before registering for classes.  You will develop your first-semester schedule during the session.  Click here to sign up for an advisement session.
  • Counseling Courses:  Counseling 1 (Academic Planning) and Counseling 100A, 100B, and 2 (AA/Certificate, CSU, and UC Education Plan) are designed to assist students in creating academic plans using MAP.  These courses are highly recommended for students approaching completion of 15 units so they may complete their comprehensive MAP to maintain registration priority.  Counseling 10 (Intro to College Study Skills) is a course designed to help students develop critical thinking, motivation, time management, communication and study skills for college success.

Career Counseling

  • Career Center:  The IVC Career Center provides resources to research majors and career options, labor market information, and open internship and job opportunities.  Services include assistance with resume building, cover letters, job search, interviewing, and more.
  • Counseling Appointments:  Students seeking assistance deciding on a major and/or career  may contact the Counseling Center for a 30 minute appointment with a counselor.
  • Counseling Course:  Counseling 102 (Career Exploration) provides students with the opportunity to conduct self-assessments and apply the results to the process of making career and life decisions, including selecting an academic major.  Students develop short and long-term goals and explore job-search strategies.

Personal Counseling

  • Counseling Appointments:  Counselors are available for personal counseling to helps students with issues interfering with academic success.  Issues may include difficulty with relationships, anxiety, stress management, interpersonal communication, time management, study skills and more.  Students requiring more than short-term assistance will be referred to appropriate campus or community services.
  • Drop-In Counseling:  Students in crisis may use our drop-in counseling services for immediate assistance.
  • Psychological Services:  The IVC Health and Wellness Center provides free personal counseling for currently enrolled students.