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Additional Support Services

Financial Aid Office

The mission of the Financial Aid Office at Irvine Valley College is to increase access to higher education by helping students and their families maximize all available financial resources and continually educate for ongoing student success. — Visit Financial Aid website

Dream Act (AB 540)

Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540) is a California State Law that allows certain nonresident students (U.S. Citizens, individuals holding immigrant visa, and undocumented aliens) attending California Community Colleges who meet certain requirements to be exempted from nonresident fees. For more information visit IVC's Dream Act website.

Career Center

The focus of the Career Center at IVC is to lend assistance to students in their career development and to transition them from college life into productive employment. The center utilizes current technology and information to support students in the job hunting process. The Career Center is also a source of great information about careers, majors, job statistics, and open job opportunities.​ — Visit Career Center website

Transfer Center

The Irvine Valley College Transfer Center help prepare and empower students, especially underrepresented and disadvantaged students, for a successful transfer to the four-year university. — Visit Transfer Center website

Career and Transfer Center Workshops

Health and Wellness Center

The Health and Wellness Center is operated by a group of health care professionals who are dedicated to the wellness of IVC students, faculty and staff. Physicians and registered nurses offer basic outpatient services for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and subacute illness and injuries. For those medical and surgical problems that are beyond the scope of the Health and Wellness Center, patients will be referred to local community health facilities. — Visit Health and Wellness Center website


Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a state-funded program for students who are financially and educationally disadvantaged. At Irvine Valley College, EOPS works to help students succeed by providing educational opportunities, encouragement, and support services. Reaching educational goals may seem difficult sometimes. — Visit EOPS website

Disabled Student Program Services

The DSPS department provides support services, specialized instruction and accommodations to students with a disability, allowing them to fully participate and benefit from an equitable college experience. — Visit DSPS website

Veterans Services Center

The Veterans Services Center is an initiative at Irvine Valley College to nurture a welcoming campus culture for our veteran students. It is founded on the premise that the challenges faced by veterans may be addressed through a combination of services stressing academics, camaraderie and wellness. Veterans currently have the opportunity to experience these essentials in a one-stop site staffed by specialized staff who empathize with the issues with which veterans struggle, and which they must address to help themselves achieve success. — Visit Veterans Services Center website