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Student Conduct, Integrity and Discipline

Reporting and Resources

Important Note

Irvine Valley College faculty or staff who are (a) filing a complaint against SOCCCD employees or (b) reporting a violation by SOCCCD employees should not submit reports through Advocate. These should be reported directly to District Human Resources: 949-582-4850.

Student Discipline Referral

File a Student Discipline Report (Advocate Public Incident Report)

Student discipline referrals should be submitted through the Public Incident Report in Advocate. Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct by an IVC student can be reported through this site by any employee or student.

Informal vs. Formal Reports:

 When submitting a "Public Incident Report", you will be asked to categorize the report as Formal or Informal

  • Informal Reports are for the purpose of documenting disruptive or potentially troubling behavior in case the behavior is repeated and becomes a pattern. Students are not required to meet with the Disciplinary Officer (Dean, Counseling Services) if the report is informal.
  • Formal Reports will require the student to meet with the Disciplinary Officer (Dean, Counseling Services) to discuss the code of conduct violation and any accompanying disciplinary action.

Student Health Care Referral

File a Student Care Referral (Advocate)

Please complete a Public CARE Report in Advocate (link above) if you encounter a student experiencing issues with any of the following:

  • Drugs & Alcohol,
  • Medical,
  • Mental Health,
  • Physical Endangerment,
  • Sexual Assault,
  • Or other concerns of a serious nature.

These reports are forwarded to IVC’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).

    Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

    The Behavioral Intervention Team coordinates existing resources with a focus on prevention and early intervention in campus situations involving students experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors.
    Visit Behavioral Intervention Team website.