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Learning Disability Program


The Learning Disabilities Program is designed to assist students who have average to above average potential for learning but are not achieving their educational goals due to difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, or math. The goal of the program is to provide support services and accommodations which level the playing field for students to be successful in college level courses.

Typical learning disabilities include difficulties in a specific area such as reading comprehension, written expression, spelling, math, vocabulary, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, or any combination of the above.

Special Services Courses

Irvine Valley College offers a number of special services courses to ensure a successful transition into the college’s general curriculum.  These courses are specifically designed for the student with learning disabilities.

  • ESS 310: Basic Grammar and Paragraphing Skills
  • ESS 315 Learning Development Practicum
  • ESS 340: Word Analysis Techniques
  • ESS 345: Basic Reading and Vocab Development
  • MSS 325: Basic Arithmetic Skills 

How Do You Qualify?

You Must:

  • Be enrolled in at least one course at Irvine Valley College.
  • Have a verified learning disability.
  • Having difficulty to fully benefit from regular programs and services offered by the college due to your limitation(s).
  • We invite you to come into the DSPS office which provides services and instruction to accommodate your disability limitation(s).  

DSPS Learning Disabilities Assessment

Interested in Learning Disability Testing?
DSPS offers learning disabilities testing at no cost for current IVC students. Students who are struggling academically but have never been identified with a learning disability, and who have no history of services may qualify for LD assessment.
To Request Testing You Must:
  • Be enrolled in at least one course at Irvine Valley College.
  • Complete the LD Prescreening form and bring it into the DSPS office.
  • The LD Specialist will review the prescreening form and contact the student notifying them of the next step.

Other Resources

Learning Disabilities Association


T: 949-451-5630
Video Phone: 949-333-0595

Disabled Students Programs & Services
Student Services Center, SSC 171

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