Volunteer Note Taker Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to take notes this semester! Upon confirmation of services rendered, DSPS will provide you with a letter of commendation from the Dean of Counseling Services for your invaluable service.

Note Taker Tips

  • Some DSPS students may want to work directly with you, while others may not want to be identified. If they do not want to be identified, please email your notes to ivcnotes@ivc.edu and provide the class and ticket number.
  • Do your best to provide the instructor’s information, views and opinions, not yours.
  • You are not a tutor, your sole responsibility is to provide notes from the lecture.
  • You are not obligated to provide notes to a student who is not attending class.
  • If you are unable to attend class, please attempt to arrange for someone to substitute in your place.
  • If you have any questions or concerns contact the DSPS office at 949-451-5630 or ivcnotes@ivc.edu.

Note Taker Agreement/Commitments

  1. I commit to attend class, take notes for the full semester and do my best to not be late.
  2. If I know the student’s identity I will practice confidentiality and not share any information regarding the student.
  3. I will provide the notes to the student or to DSPS after each lecture.
  4. If I do not fulfill the notetaking commitments for the entire semester I will not be eligible to receive a letter of commendation.