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How to become an IVC DSPS Student

Go to How to become an IVC DSPS Student.

Step 1: Apply to IVC

To become a student at IVC, follow the steps found at the Admissions & Records site at

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Online at For additional information, contact the financial aid office at (949) 451-5287 or go to

Step 3: Make an appointment with DSPS

After receiving your student ID # make an intake appointment to meet with a DSPS counselor and provide verification of disability (VOD). Verification of Disability (VOD) includes:

  • Written documentation verifying your disability and functional limitations signed by a licensed professional (physician/ psychologist/ psychiatrist etc.). Receive a form from DSPS, or sign an authorization to release your records and we will fax for them
  • If you have been diagnosed with a Learning Disability, please bring in a copy of your most recent test scores (Psycho-educational Report, Multidisciplinary Report, Triennial Report) not an IEP.

Step 4:Complete an Orientation

Access the Online orientation through MySite

  • Log on using your Student ID # and IVC pin.
  • Click My Information, Matriculation, Online Orientation, View Online orientation.

Step 5: Complete Assessment

Option 1: Take Placement Test with DSPS office with accommodations

  • Once you have provided VOD you may be eligible to take your Math and English placement with DSPS.
  • Contact DSPS to make an appointment to take your placement test.

Option 2: Take Placement Test without accommodations

  • You may schedule to take your placement test without accommodation simply by logging on to your MySite. In MySite, go to My Information, Matriculation, Appointments

Access your placement scores through MySite. In MySite, go to My Information, Matriculation, Placement Information

Step 6: Complete /nline Advisement

Access Online advisement through MySite

  • Click My Information, Matriculation, /nline Advisement, View /nline Advisement

Step 7: Complete First Semester Plan

A first semester plan will be completed with a DSPS counselor during your intake appointment.

Step 8: Register for Classes

Access assigned registration date and time through MySite. In MySite, go to My Classes, Register For Classes. On your registration date, log onto MySite. In MySite, go to My Classes, Register For Classes, Add/Drop Classes

  1. Select Term
  2. Update Records - Input all current information, then select Next
  3. Schedule Builder - Add class you want to register for, then select Next
  4. Checkout - Balance Summary - ASB sticker, then select Next
  5. Select payment option, then select Complete Registration
  • If you choose Other,youwillbegiven1week to pay. Failure to do so will result in all classes being dropped.
  • Once payment is completed, you have fully registered.

Note: If you are a student that requires an interpreter or captionist, email your schedule to Abby Woolard


T: 949-451-5630
Video Phone: 949-333-0595

Disabled Students Programs & Services
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