How to become an IVC DSPS Student

Step 1: Apply to IVC

Step 2: Make an appointment with DSPS

After receiving your student ID number, make an intake appointment to meet with a DSPS counselor and provide verification of disability (VOD). Verification of Disability (VOD) includes:

  • Written documentation verifying your disability and functional limitations signed by a licensed professional (physician/ psychologist/ psychiatrist etc.). Receive a form from DSPS, or sign an authorization to release your records and we request them via fax.
  • If you have been diagnosed with a Learning Disability, please bring in a copy of your most recent test scores (Psycho-educational Report, Multidisciplinary Report, Triennial Report) not an IEP.


T: 949-451-5630
Fax: 949-451-5386
E-Fax: 949-340-2004
E: ivcdsps@ivc.edu
Student Services Center, SSC 171

Department Hours

Monday   8 am - 7 pm (In-Person) ​
Tuesday   8 am - 7 pm (In-Person) ​
Wednesday   8 am - 7 pm (In-Person) ​
Thursday   8 am - 7 pm (Remote) ​
​Friday ​   8 am - 5 pm (Remote) ​​

Hours may vary, please confirm office hours by calling 949-451-5630 or email us.

In-Person Counseling

In-person counseling appointments are available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To schedule an appointment please call 949-451-5630 or email us.