Find Community at IVC

Irvine Valley College offers many ways to find support, community, and build connections right here on campus. We invite you to join any and all programs that connect with who you are and what life experiences you may have had.

Equity Scholars Programs

All Equity Scholars programs include:

  • Dedicated counselor
  • Monthly community meetings
  • Large scale campus cultural/community events
  • Scholarships funded through ASIVC
  • Support and opportunities tailored to each community
  • Ally workshops and training for faculty and staff

Dream ScholarsDream Scholar
Serving the Dreamer and Undocumented students.

Guardian ScholarsGuardian Scholar
Serving current and former foster youth.

HEARTS ScholarsHEARTS Scholar
Helping to Ensure Access to Resources for Transitional Students (HEARTS): Serving food and housing insecure students.

Pride ScholarsPride Scholar
Serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Intersex, Asexual, and beyond (LGBTQIA+) students.

Re-Entry ScholarsReEntry Scholar
Serving students 25 years and older

Equity Groups and Learning Communities

Partner Programs

Irvine Valley College offers even more ways to connect beyond what is offered directly through the Office of Student Equity: