​Medical Minute

Medical Minute: 7 Mental Health Reminders During COVID 19
Medical Minute: COVID-19 and Mental Health
Medical Minute: Coping During Distancing
Medical Minute: Hand Washing
Medical Minute: Taking Temperature
Medical Minute: Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness: CBT Triangle
Mental Wellness: Cognitive Distortions
Mental Wellness: Thought Challenging
Mental Wellness: Creating Healthy Relationship Boundaries Part I
Mental Wellness: Creating Healthy Relationship Boundaries Part II
Mental Wellness: Creating Healthy Relationship Boundaries Part III


IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-05-08.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-05-08HWC Newsletter | May 2020, Issue 8
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-05-07.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-05-07HWC Newsletter | May 2020, Issue 7
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-05-06.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-05-06HWC Newsletter | May 2020, Issue 6
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-05.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-05HWC Newsletter | April 2020, Issue 5
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-04.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-04HWC Newsletter | April 2020, Issue 4
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-03.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-03HWC Newsletter | April 2020, Issue 3
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-02.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-02HWC Newsletter | April 2020, Issue 2
IVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-01.pdfIVCHWC20-newsletter-2020-04-01HWC Newsletter | April 2020, Issue 1

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