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IVC Student-Related Wellness

Please refer to this helpful guide when your student is in crisis (injuries, mental health, or suicide ideation).

Personal Wellness

SOCCD Employee Health & Welfare Benefits

The District offers a comprehensive benefits package to all eligible full-time employees and their eligible dependents. Visit SOCCCD HR Employee Benefits for more information.

Employee Assistance Program

There are times when everyone needs a little help or advice. The confidential Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) through Anthem Blue Cross and Reliance Standard/ACI Specialty Benefits can help you with things like stress, anxiety, depression, chemical dependency, relationship issues, legal issues, parenting questions, financial counseling, and dependent care resources. Best of all, it's free. Our EAP with Anthem Blue Cross can arrange up to six free visits with licensed professionals for each issue you are facing. Our EAP with Reliance Standard and ACI Specialty Benefits provides employees and family members up to three face to face or telephonic sessions per issue. Both programs also offer legal and financial assistance. Help is available 24/7, 365 days a year by calling (800) 999-7222 for Anthem (Company Code: SISC) or (855) 775-4357 for Reliance/ ACI Specialty Benefits. Other resources are available online at for Anthem (Company Code: SISC) or for Reliance/ACI Specialty Benefits (members can register and create their own logins). EAPs are available to ALL household members, even if they are not an eligible tax dependent.

Bereavement Counseling

Though you may not suffer lasting effects from a loss, you may benefit from the assistance of talking with a professional counselor experienced in dealing with grief and loss. Reliance Standard and ACI Specialty Benefits offer access to a toll to all household members who experience the loss of a loved one.

Hinge Health

Hinge Health offers PPO members digital programs for back, knee, hip, shoulder and neck pain. Members can save time and money while overcoming pain anytime, anywhere. All the care you need is in your Hinge Health toolkit which includes the following:

  • Free tablet and wearable sensors: Feel confident in your form. Our app and sensors give you live feedback during stretches and exercises.
  • Personalized exercise therapy: You'll be guided through 15-minute sessions, and the level of difficulty will increase when you're ready.
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 health coaching: Your coach will be there to provide personalized support via text, email, or call to help you reach your goals.

To learn more, go to or call 855-902-2777.

MD Live

SISC Blue Shield members can get 24/6/365 virtual access to providers and therapists for a $5 copay. Consult with doctors and pediatricians over the phone or using online video for medical conditions such as cold, fever, sore throat, flu, infection, and children's health issues. Physicians can prescribe medication when appropriate. Online behavioral health visits are also available. Register by calling 888-632-2738 or go to to activate your account.

Vida Digital Health Coaching

SISCs newest health benefit, Vida Health, gives Blue Shield members access to a personal health coach or therapist at no cost to you. Vida's coaches and therapists can help you lose weight, cope with depression or anxiety, manage stress, prevent diabetes, and much more. With Vida, members set goals and see real results. For members who are focused on managing stress, they're able to reduce their stress by 50% after 6 months. If you're looking to lose weight, Vida members lose an average of 5-7% of their body weight. And many of those working to manage chronic health conditions are able to reduce or eliminate medications. Here's what to expect when you sign up:

  • Choose your personal health coach or therapist. Vida health coaches include registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators, licensed therapists, and other specially trained health experts.
  • Your coach will work with you to create a personalized plan to help prevent diabetes, lose weight, manage stress, and more.
  • Talk to your health coach each week by phone or video. You pick the time that's convenient for you. Plus, you can send messages to your coach anytime using the secure Vida app.
  • Track your progress through connected devices. You can connect Apple Health or other smart devices � like scales and blood sugar meters - directly to the Vida app. You can learn more about Vida at


Stacy Lavino, MS, LMFT
Mental Health Provider

Nancy Montgomery, RN, MSN
Assistant Dean, Health, Wellness and Veterans Services

Ask a Nurse: 949-451-5687

T: 949-451-5221
Video Phone: 949-333-0260
F: 949-451-5393


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