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International Student Center
International Student Center:

Forms for International Students

As a current international student at IVC, you may have many questions. The information  provided on this website will answer many of your questions.  However, we encourage you to visit the International Student Center in CEC 7 if you need additional assistance.  We are here to help ensure that you reach your goals at IVC!


Forms for Continuing Students:

Student Request Form:  If you need to request a travel signature, verification letter, program extension or other service, please complete the following form: Student Request Form.pdf

Transfer/Withdrawal Form:  If you will transfer out of IVC or withdraw from IVC, please complete this form: Transfer and Withdrawal Request.pdf

Concurrent Enrollment - IVC Student:  If you are an IVC international student and would like to take a class at another university (concurrent enrollment), please use this form:  Concurrent Enrollment IVC Student.pdf

Concurrent Enrollment - Non IVC Student:  If you are an F-1 visa student attending another university and would like to take a class at IVC as a concurrent student, please see this form for instructions: Concurrent Enrollment Non IVC Student.pdf

FERPA Release Form:  To release student information to any other party, the following form must be completed by the student:  FERPA Release form.pdf

Tax Filing Requirement:  All international students must submit tax forms annually.  For more information about this requirement, please see:  INCOME TAXES 2019.pdf


Forms for Applicants:

International Student Application:

Summer 2020:  International Student Application 2019-2020.pdf

Fall 2020:  International Student Application 2020-2021.pdf

Affidavit of Support: 

Summer 2020:  Affidavit of Support 2019 2020.pdf

Fall 2020:  Affidavit of Support 2020 2021.pdf

Estimate of Expenses: 

Summer 2020: ESTIMATE OF EXPENSES 2019 2020.pdf

Fall 2020:  ESTIMATE OF EXPENSES 2020.pdf

Verification of Status:  Verification of Status.pdf

Guardianship Procedures for Minors:  GUARDIAN PROCEDURES.pdf



T: 949-451-5414
O: CEC 7

Regular Office Hours

Office Hours

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