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International Student Center:

Health Insurance


All Irvine Valley College international students must purchase the approved insurance plan through Relation Insurance Services (SOCCCD Board Policy 5604). Other plans are not accepted. Health insurance must be purchased before class enrollment is allowed.

Health insurance exemption requests for spring 2021 are no longer being processed.

IVC is happy to offer a health insurance plan through CIGNA administered by Relation Insurance Services . CIGNA offers a wide network of doctors supported by strong benefit coverage for international students. This is an "accident and illness" policy which will cover injuries and illness sustained while in the USA.


For questions and assistance regarding your health insurance coverage, please visit the International Student Center. You may also visit the Health Center for questions related to health care referrals in the area. 

 For information on How to Use Your Health Insurance, please see:

For instructions on how to log into the Member Portal, please see:

For the Plan Snapshot, please see:

For a FAQ on the insurance, please see:


Purchasing Health Insurance


All international students are required to purchase the SOCCCD District approved health insurance plan prior to registration.   


The costs for the 2020-2021 health insurance are as follows:

​Health Insurance Plan: ​Cost:
​Annual Plan (8/1/20-8/1/21): ​ $1962.00
​Fall Only (8/1/20-1/1/21): * ​$817.50
​Spring/Summer (1/1/21-8/1/21): ​$1144.50
​Summer (5/1/21-8/1/21): ​$490.50
* Students have the option of purchasing the annual plan at this time or purchasing the fall option at this time. If purchasing fall only, the spring/summer plan must be purchased prior to spring 2021 registration.

Please visit for more information and enrollment instructions. Once you have purchased the insurance, our office will receive an email of the receipt.  The hold will then be lifted within 24 hours so that you can register.


Health insurance must be purchased before students can register for classes.




Insurance Contact Information

Insurance Plan Partners: Relation Insurance Services:


For Claims Assistance:  Wellfleet:


To find a CIGNA provider (doctor, hospital, etc.), please visit:

  To find an Express Scripts provider (prescriptions), please visit:

   To print a duplicate insurance card, please visit:



T: 949-451-5414
O: CEC 7

Office Hours

 Monday:​  9 am - 6 pm​
​ Tuesday: ​ 9 am - 6 pm
 ​Wednesday: ​ 9 am - 6 pm
 ​Thursday:  9 am - 6 pm
​ Friday: ​ 9 am - 4:30 pm​

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