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International Student Center

International Student Orientation



Fall 2019 New Students:

All new international students are required to attend the mandatory International Student Orientation and complete the Check-In Process with the International Student Center. Arrival requirements are as follows:
What Date Must I Arrive By?:

​Assessment Test Status: ​  My Required Arrival Date:
​I have NOT completed ESL assessment: ​ ​ August 4, 2019
​I have completed assessment testing:
​ ​ August 11, 2019
ESL assessment:  Students whose first language is not English must complete ESL tests prior to registration.  Testing is only available at the IVC campus.  Tests will be scheduled once the Confirmation of Enrollment Form is received.      
International Student Orientation:  All new students are required to attend the International Student Orientation in order to enroll at IVC.  International Student Orientation is scheduled for the week of August 12. Students who have completed assessment must arrive by August 11.

When Can I Arrive in the USA?:
After you receive your F-1 visa, you may enter the US 30 days before the "earliest admission date" listed on your I-20.
Fall 2019 Check-In Form: 
All new students must submit the completed Check-In Form during orientation or upon arrival to IVC.  The Check-In Form is needed to register you into the SEVIS system:


T: 949-451-5414
O: CEC 7


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Summer Hours
(May 28- August 9)

Mon.-Thurs.: 8 am - 5 pm
Fri.: Closed

Fall Semester Hours
(Weeks 0-2)

Aug 12-1 Mon.-Fri.: 9 am - 5 pm
Aug 19-23 Mon.-Fri.: 9 am - 5 pm
Aug 26-30 Mon.-Thurs.: 9 am - 4 pm
Fri.: 9 am - 1 pm