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International Student Center

Enrollment Confirmation and Arrival



Fall 2020:


Enrollment Confirmation: 
Once you have received your F-1 visa, you must confirm your enrollment at IVC to r
eserve your spot for mandatory orientation, testing and registration. You must submit the Confirmation of Enrollment form to no later than July 29, 2020:

Confirmation Enrollment Form Online Fall 2020.pdf

 Fall 2020 Registration Information: 
Due to COVID-19, all classes at Irvine Valley College are being offered on-line in fall 2020.  To register for on-line classes from within the USA OR in your home country, please follow the instructions below:  

New students attending from overseas:  Please see the attached document for instructions on how to access on-line class registration:

Transfer students in the USA:  Please see the attached document for instructions on how to access on-line class registration:​

ESL Assessment:  
Students whose first language is not English must complete ESL tests prior to registration.  Placement will be offered on-line for fall 2020.
International Student Orientation:
Please visit International Student Orientation for more information about our mandatory International Virtual Student Orientation starting on July 27!


Please visit our Housing Information page for available off-campus host family or local apartment options.

We look forward to welcoming you to IVC!



T: 949-451-5414
O: CEC 7

Regular Office Hours

Office Hours

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