What is LGBTQIA+?

LGBTQIA+ is an acronym that means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two- spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, A-gender, Bi-gender, Gender Queer, Pansexual, Pangender, and Gender Variant. Keep an open mind because this is continuously evolving.

Helpful Hints for Interacting with LGBTQIA+ Community

  1. Not everyone fits neatly inside of a cookie cutter
  2. People want to be themselves
  3. Curiosity does not equal open mindedness
  4. Make no assumptions
  5. Do not out LGBTQIA+ individuals without their permission
  6. Do not assume a LGBTQIA+ individual has a crush on you or anyone else
  7. Do not say: "We all knew"; "You just haven't met the right one yet"; "We still love you anyway"; "You're handsome/beautiful to be a homosexual"
  8. Do not assume one's preferred gender pronoun
  9. Respect gender pronouns
  10. Advocate for gender neutral bathrooms
  11. Do not ask a trans person what their "real name" is
  12. Do not deny trans individuals access to bathrooms
  13. Do not ask trans individuals what their genitals look like
  14. Do not say “Real Woman” or “Real Man”, instead say transwoman or transman
  15. Do not say transsexual, transvestite, tranny, transgendered, or “A trans”, instead say transgender
  16. Do not say “he-she”, “she-male”, or “it”, instead use their asserted pronouns, or “they” if not sure
  17. Anti-LGBTQIA+ comments and jokes are harmful and offensive
  18. Believe that ALL people regardless of gender identity/and or sexual orientation should be treated with respect
  19. Do take responsibility for your own education
  20. Making mistakes is part of learning how to be an ally; acknowledge, apologize and learn from them
  21. What’s heard here stays here, but what’s learned here leaves here.