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First Semester Milestone Map

Before classes start:

  • Buy your books
    • Need a little more time before you buy? Talk to an IVC librarian to see if your textbook is available in the library or contact your instructor to see if they can provide copies of readings for the first week or two.
  • Get your IVC Student ID.
  • Visit IVC’s website to:
    • Access your IVC email account* (all information about your classes automatically get sent here. If you prefer to use a different email, be sure to have your IVC emails forwarded to your personal account).
    • Login to your Canvas account.*
    • Login to MySite to view your class schedule.*
    • Learn about IVC’s academic support centers and our support programs.
    • Be sure to view important dates and deadlines on Canvas, on your class schedule in MySite, and on the IVC website.
      *If you have problems logging in, contact the IVC Technology Services Helpdesk
  • This fall, parking at IVC is FREE!
  • Get ASIVC Access!  What’s this? The Associated Students of Irvine Valley College (ASIVC) is IVC’s Student Government and becoming a part of ASIVC Access allows you to fully participate in IVC events and activities.
  • Follow IVC on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Before your first day of class, make sure you:

  • Review your schedule of classes and verify the official start and first day of class.
  • Check Canvas for announcements and materials from your instructors.
  • Have plenty of paper or notebooks and pens and pencils to take notes (yes, you will likely need to take notes from day 1).

During the semester, make time to:


The first week of class:

  • Don't forget paper and pens for taking notes in class.
  • Try to make at least 1 friend per class!

This month, be sure to:


  • Attend Club Day! Follow your passions and meet new people. Clubs and Co-Curricular Programs are a great way to make friends and become involved in campus activities. Joining a club is also a great way to strengthen your transfer applications. 

  • Midterm Exams are around the corner! Get study help at our academic support centers to make sure you're ready.

  • Check the IVC Events Calendar for upcoming events.


  • Time to look toward semester 2! Check MySite for your spring Registration Date, and then:
    • Put a reminder in your phone to register on time.
    • Make an appointment with your academic counselor to decide on classes and work on your My Academic Plan (MAP).
    • Remember, you should meet with a counselor at minimum once a semester (or anytime you have a question about your educational goal).


  • Scholarship time! Get more money for college by applying for one (or more) of IVC's available scholarships!!

  • Finals are coming! Prepare by:
    • Visiting your instructors during office hours to get clarifying information and study tips.
    • Go to the Academic Support centers early and often to make sure you are prepared.


  • Survive finals: You can do it!!
  • Rest: You deserve it!!