Perks of ASIVC AccessASIVC Access

ASIVC Access fully funds all student-led events, clubs and organizations. Every IVC student benefits from the funds generated through the ASIVC Access sales, which provide scholarships, commencement support, enrichment programs, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and charitable programs. A few of the ASIVC sponsored events include: Fall Engagement Fair, Club Day, Fear Fest, ASIVC Elections, and more!

Having ASIVC Access gives full access to student government sponsored events and campus activities, including membership to over 30 active student-led clubs and organizations. Other benefits include eligibility for many various academic, equity and recognition scholarships!

Get Your ASIVC Access Today!

Only $10 each semester. There are two ways to purchase:

  • Opt in to ASIVC Access when you register for classes
  • Email the Bursar’s Office: