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ASIVC Access

"Why should I purchase an ASIVC Access each semester"?

You may purchase "ASIVC Access" at the IVC Bursars Office (SSC 130) for $10 - each semester

Every student benefits from the funds generated through the ASIVC Access sales, which provide scholarships, commencement support, enrichment programs, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, and charitable programs. Your ASIVC Access also entitles members to the following direct membership benefits with a current IVC Student Photo ID/Laser Card:

  • Participation in student government sponsored events and access to campus activities, including membership in student clubs.
  • Meets a REQUIRED Campus Extra-Curricular Club and/or Co-Curricular Membership Eligibility Component.
  • Discounted Movie Tickets (Regal Theatres only)
  • Discounted Theme Park – E-partner online tickets (ASIVC Members' Self-Service online kiosk located in the lobby of the Student Activities Center)
  • Access to ASIVC Student Lounge, Game Room, Computer Lab, Reflection Room, and Little Free Library (Student Activities Center)
  • FREE Scantron: limit 6 per semester – Form NO. 882-E
  • FREE Exam Green Books: limit 2 per semester (while quantities last)
  • 10% discount IVC Cafeteria (must show proof of purchase and Student Photo ID)
  • 10% discount IVC emblematic clothing and giftware at the Laser Bookstore (excludes sale items, course materials and textbooks)
  • Opportunity to compete for Associated Students Scholarships (awarded annually by the IVC Foundation)
  • Student discounts to Community Education and Fine Arts events

Proof of Purchase

In order to obtain the incredible benefits for ASIVC Access from both the IVC Cafeteria and the Bookstore, proof of payment can be shown in one of the two following ways:

  1. Go to MySite and Access your "Fee Statement" online.
    • Log into MySite and from the header, click on "My Information" > "Fee Statement"
    • Select the current term and either  print it out or take a screen shot on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the Bursar's Office for a print out.

Warning: The Fee Summary may contain personal  and/or confidential information, it is highly recommended that you block out such information when a printed copy or screen capture is made.