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How to Get your GI Bill® started at Irvine Valley College

The following information will give you the basic steps to getting your GI Bill® started at Irvine Valley College. This information is specific to students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bill®, and the Reserve GI Bill®. However, the process is very similar for students using other types of benefits.

1. Apply for GI Bill® Benefits via (form 22-1990) or Change your Location of Study at 22-1995)

If you haven’t applied for your GI Bill®, apply at the site above by filling out DD form 22-1990. If you have already used your GI Bill® at another school, you need to change your location of study by going to the site above and filling out DD form 22-1995. After you submit your form online, print a copy of it and bring it to our office with your DD- 214 (member 4).  

2. Apply for Financial Aid (SSC 120)

While it is not required, you should apply for financial aid. Many veterans receive both their GI Bill® and financial aid. There are many benefits and it’s free to apply.

3. Apply to IVC Click HERE to apply.

Apply to IVC as soon as possible. You won’t be able to complete the following steps until your application has been processed and you have a student ID# in our system.

4. Fix Residency status with IVC (SSC 110)

After applying, many veterans are classified as non-resident students. If this happens to you, you need to show evidence of residency to the Admissions and Records Office. If you are not from California, you may still be eligible for military residence. See Admissions and Records for more details.

5. Take assessment test (SSC 250)

All students are required to complete matriculation before they are allowed to register for classes. This normally consists of 3 steps. Orientation, Assessment, and Advisement.

6. Talk to a counselor and make an Education Plan (SSC 210)

Only classes that are required for you to complete your stated educational goal can be certified for GI Bill® benefits. Therefore, you must have a current comprehensive academic plan on file with our office so we can better determine if your classes meet VA requirements.

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