Welcome Fall 2020 Students!

Welcome Fall 2021 Students!

Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester! This page offers helpful tips to help you succeed in the remote learning environment. After watching this welcome video from IVC President John Hernandez, scroll down below to our Week One Checklist to get you started.

How to Succeed During Week 1

  1. Check into courses on Canvas, read through your course syllabi, and watch the instructional video to get oriented.
  2. Log in to your IVC student email and email your professors to ask them a question about the class or find out when you can visit them during office hours.    
  3. Check out the Counseling Center to learn about the different ways you can connect with a counselor.
  4. Check out our student support services.
  5. Learn about IVC’s academic support services like the Student Success Center, Language Acquisition Center,  Math Center, and Writing Center.
  6. If you need any learning or physical accommodations, check out our Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) Center for potential services.
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Student Resources

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