ASIVC Senator Candidates: Fall 2021

Click on the candidates' names below to read more about them! Be sure to attend the virtual ASIVC Elections: Candidate Forum on Thursday, September 30 (3 - 4:30 pm), to hear the candidates share why they should be your next ASIVC Senator. There are nine (9) Senator positions open. Don't forget to vote during October 5-8, 2021.

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Alexandrea Wong

Alexandrea WongHi my name is Alexandrea Wong, but you can call me Alex for short, and I am a first year majoring in Economics/Applied Mathematics. Back from my small high school, I participated in student government, clubs, sports, and model UN, so I'm very excited and looking forward to being a part of the IVC's diverse community. I hope to get more involved in student life, striving to make IVC a better place for everyone. Instrumental music, trading stocks, creating art, participating in sports, gaming, and traveling are only some of my passions, but I always love to learn new things and listen to people's stories.

IVC is such a wonderful community with a lot of talented and persevering people who are at different points in their lives. With such a varied population, this creates a richly diverse and peculiar learning environment for everyone. Being a part of such a distinct community really brings forth the need for a strong student governance system. With my varied experiences and my will to wholeheartedly represent the students and faculty, I hope to offer new perspectives and strive to be a part of improving current existing conditions on academic and professional matters here at IVC.

Ava Lucia Marrodan Chan

Ava Lucia Marrodan Chan My name is Ava Lucia Marrodan Chan, I love to be creative, and I come from a family of 8. I am a second year college student majoring in business management but I am hoping to pursue law. I am driven, organized, and passionate. My goal as an IVC student is to excel academically as well as get to know my peers and involve myself in the IVC community.

I am a second year college student studying business management, hoping to pursue a career in Law. I have multiple rare conditions which have made the college experience challenging and unique. Since experiencing the feeling of being unheard or unwelcomed, I have wanted to help and become the voice for others. I would be a great candidate for ASIVC because of the passion I have for leadership and justice. In addition, my unique physical conditions give me a broad view of what positive change must occur for all to feel welcome, included, and accepted.

Brittany Kester

Brittany KesterHello! My name is Brittany Kester and I am a second-year at IVC. I am a member of the IVC honors program and am the current president of Psi Beta, the IVC chapter of a national honors society in psychology. My current aspirations include transferring to UCLA or UCI and conducting more research. I am interested in research psychology and hope to pursue that further once I transfer. A recent achievement I am very proud of is that my research was accepted for publication and will be published in a journal in October. I have not held a student government position before but am very excited at the opportunity of further serving my fellows students.

I am interested in the senate position at IVC because I want to personally do everything I can to create and breed a professional and just environment for all IVC students. I strongly believe in the importance of activism and want to make sure that every voice at IVC is heard. If elected I will devote myself to the highest ethical, moral, and prosocial standards possible. I care about making IVC a place where we all feel that we're treated fairly and are comfortable sharing our thoughts and expressions of ourselves.

Chloe Ng

Chloe NgMy name is Chloe Ng and I'm turning 20 this year. I'm an international student from Malaysia, majoring in Civil Engineering. Growing up in a multicultural country, I can speak English, Chinese, Cantonese, and some simple Malay and French. I enjoy meeting new people and discovering new perspectives on life.

As an international student, I understand the struggle of adapting to a completely new environment all alone for the first time. I am passionate to help students who were once like me, especially the first years, who are struggling. I would love to be representing the student body as a senator and allow students' voices to be heard. I am excited to be involved in many of the great changes in IVC.

Dan Tran

Dan TranHi Lasers, My name is Dan Tran. I'm a Sophomore at IVC pursuing an Associate for Transfer degree in Economics. I recently moved to America as an international student after finishing high school in Australia. I was a member of the student council during high school, and I believe that my experience would benefit me when I become an IVC Senator. I hope to represent the voice of international students as well as improving the school experience of every student on and off-campus.

I have always had a passion to be involved in improving the lives of the community around me. The Senator position at IVC allows me to show initiatives as a student to understand and advocate for a better student experience. I am also ecstatic to become a member of a leadership team that is working tirelessly to run the inner workings of our campus. As an international student, I also hope to accommodate the needs of those with different backgrounds and ethnicity.

Fernanda Velasco

Fernanda VelascoI'm a first year Chemistry major on the pre-med track, looking to transfer to UCI through the Honors-to-Honors program. My academic interest is mainly research, especially when it focuses on cancer, immunology, and other related topics in medicine. Personal interests are reading and writing, as well as the occasional video game or tv show. I'm looking forward to getting a lot more involved on campus in these times!

I became interested in the Senate position for ASIVC during Laser Day, when we had a few of the ASIVC student body discuss their own involvement on campus. I've previously sought to be part of a student body, but my high school had very little positions for students, and it made it a lot harder to get involved in any decision making when it came to events or projects. Though I've been involved in programs that required me to take on a leadership position or work independently, I want to further develop my collaboration and communication skills in a group. I'm looking for a way to further utilize my own experience in event coordination, as well as bring my own perspective to senate meetings. Overall, I wish to be part of ASIVC to have a say in the decision making on campus, and being a senator will provide me with the opportunity to both learn new skills while strengthening the ones I already possess.

Harin Lee

Harin LeeGreetings, Lasers! My name is Harin Lee and I would be beyond honored to serve you as one of your Senators! This is my first year at IVC, I am majoring in Psychology, and I currently serve as the Vice President for Student United Way and as a member of the Honors Program Student Council Events Team. I like film photography, baking, and spending my free time mindlessly playing 2048 and 1010 while Criminal Minds or Gilmore Girls play as background noise. During my time at IVC I hope to explore and expand my educational passions, promote inclusiveness, and meet new friends!

I am committed to SERVING our community and becoming a dedicated member by being actively involved in the change and growth to our IVC community. There are many stereotypes and stigmas placed upon community college, however I would like to work to create more OPEN minds towards CC by promoting the benefits and rewards of attending an amazing school like IVC. With the ongoing global pandemic, everyone had to adjust to new lifestyles and still, over a year later, we continue to face new challenges; as senator, I want to help every student ADAPT by advocating for relatable mental health resources and being someone any student can turn to. I would like to REACH out to students with welcoming arms and create an environment where every student's voice and concerns are heard and addressed. Serve, Open, Adapt, Reach - Let's SOAR Lasers!

Hashim Ali

Hashim AliHello Lasers! My name is Hashim Ali and I'm a first year Computer Science major at Irvine Valley College.I am really excited to present myself for senator candidate and become part of ASIVC. I have many hobbies, I enjoy cooking, Reading books and poetry, watching movies and listening to music, as well as video games and tv series, and hanging out with friends. I�m also interested in Acting, Law, Political science and Tennis. I hope to explore my curiosity in Computer system and in all other academic interests I have. I'm looking forward to getting involved with the IVC community and achieving leadership skills, and bonding with new people.

What I hope as a senator is to building a strong community, comfortable and safe environment at IVC. IVC is a great place, and there are so many great extra curricular activities and good opportunities here. I want to encourage all of the students of IVC to engage with these opportunities and be a part of ASIVC community. It will give me an honor to present myself in front of administration as a voice of students. As a senator, I want to guide and help the students to achieve their goals and in their career pathways. In these COVID times, it is really hard for all of us in getting back to our normal and returning to campus. That's why I will collaborate with the student body in making the best decision for the students and helping them in whatever the circumstances they are in. This position will help me in building my leadership skills and making bond with the community. It will give me pride and I will be honored in serving the community and taking the responsibility that will help me in the coming future. I'm a person who value integrity, honesty and morals, I trust my decision making judgments and I know I am capable of making unbiased and good decision, which will help me in being a good senator and serving this role.

Helen Truong

Helen TruongHey my name is Helen Truong! I'm a freshman at IVC, majoring in biology/pharmacy, and planning on transferring to UCI. Community service/volunteering and self-love are my values. I'm adventurous and enjoy spreading happiness to others! My hobbies include singing/music, piano, baking, and drinking boba :)

This position will expand my current leadership skills and allow me to challenge myself with responsibilities. I'm willing to motivate my colleagues into improving the school's environment and support my team through difficulties. Being part of ASIVC gives me an opportunity to share/communicate my knowledge while being open to new propositions. Satisfying every students' needs to the best of my ability but also making insightful decisions is important. I wish everyone health and safety during this school year and hope to see you all soon! Thanks :)

Henry Pham

Henry PhamHi my name is Henry Pham and I'm a business administration major with a concentration in finance. My biggest aspiration is to be able to successfully transfer into Berkeley's Haas School of Business. A lot of my hobbies surround financial literacy as I'm a big believer in achieving financial freedom at a younger age. I'm actively on campus and am involved in many leadership positions. I enjoy spicy cuisines and am always up for participating in spice eating competitions. I'm a very open minded individual and love delving into open ended topics.

I am running for an ASIVC senate position because I want to make a meaningful difference in the issues that have impacted our student body. In light of recent events, the pandemic has severely weakened ties between friends and family alike. Furthermore, it has put our campus in uncharted territory as we seek to navigate the advantages and disadvantages of returning in person. I've been a student at Irvine College for nearly two years and have yet to meet any of my peers or professors in person. Vote me as a senator and let's resolve this issue of connectedness together!

Joey Tan

Joey TanI'm 21 years old and I'm an international student from Malaysia. a 2nd year student majoring in Economics, the financial market always has been in my best interest. Been living on an island in Malaysia called Labuan for 18 years. I go to the beach whenever I can.

I believe that being a Senate for ASIVC comes with a huge responsibility. Giving students the best experience in their journey in IVC would be my main focus if I were to be elected as the Senate. As an international student and a student that has to go through online studies gave me an insight about what could be improved for the students' experience. During my time in IVC, I was the PR for the International Club, and the ICC representative and President for Circle K International Club. Besides earning Club of the Month for CKI club, I also learned about how the administration works, how to voice out my opinions, the importance of compromise and the maintaining the balance of school and work life.

Justine Jamie Gotico

Justine Jamie GoticoHi Lasers! My name is Justine Jamie, and I'm a first year student studying Cognitive Science here at IVC. As a SoCal local, I've loved to surf and play tennis my whole life, and being actively engaged in my community through student government and volunteer work providing for those less fortunate than I are deep passions of mine. I believe my experience as Junior Class President and Senior Class President at Northwood High School has prepared me to be the best senate member I can be! I'm naturally collaborative (a great personality trait I learned from being Varsity Tennis Captain for 2 years) and pride myself on being organized, punctual, and super down to have fun and be a friend to others. I always strive to GO BIG OR GO HOME, and being a part of ASIVC would help me to encourage the success I know I can enrich within our community!

When I close my eyes and picture my purpose here at IVC, my daydream doesn't stop at simply settling for the distant and fleeting connections that the past year has forcibly wedged between all of us. I want to use my voice to advocate for those who have yet to find a welcoming place for themselves; I want to be the voice for those who yearn for connection here at IVC, and amplify the voices of those who have so many amazing qualities to share, but nowhere to turn and shout. I want to be the person who highlights Irvine Valley College as a turning point for all who attend, and correct the misconception that community college students are any less than those who go straight to universities. Becoming a member of ASIVC would make my dream come true of turning the SCHOOL PRIDE here at IVC up to the 11th notch. I hope to give each student an environment where they feel, without a doubt, that they belong.

Kunal Kulkarni

Kunal KulkarniHello all, my name is Kunal Kulkarni and I'm pursuing a major in the field of mathematics. In my free time, I enjoy baking, occasionally designing graphics, playing basketball, and listening to music (J. Cole and Kid Cudi are my favorite artists at the moment). I chose to pursue a major in mathematics because of my passion in solving a diverse range of problems with the end goal of positively affecting other peoples' lives. Of course, the elephant in the room is Covid-19, and while I cannot promise to put an end to the virus, I wish to do my part in helping my fellow IVC students recover from the drastic situation of the pandemic by involving myself in ASIVC. As a senator, I would aim to represent IVC students through the expansion of on-campus/virtual opportunities and by empowering student-led clubs, initiatives, and other school-wide efforts.

In the past, ASIVC has been able to effectively enact agendas that have helped students thrive in their pursuit of higher education -- a recent example being the implementation of free bus passes to provide all IVC students with transportation! I'm interested in running for a senate position because I wish to be a part of the invaluable experience of positively affecting the current IVC community and paying it forward by leaving behind a legacy of influential student advocacy. Especially during this pandemic, it is imperative that ASIVC goes beyond the scope of representing its own students and works to influence Irvine citizens, ensuring that they are vaccinated against COVID-19 and receive support (for mental health, educational goals, and extracurriculars) -- and this is an issue that I'd be particularly interested in as a senator.

Mariam Jijawi

Mariam JijawiHi Lasers; my name is Mariam Jijawi, and I am a first-year biomedical engineering major here at IVC! I strongly uphold the value of responsibility and engagement through the unleashing of one's potential to make a difference in all that I do, which is the main reason why I take part in multiple efforts of doing great things that can serve future generations and impact the community in multiple capacities from the clubs I've led as president during high school to the ones that I will join and increase my involvement during the course of this upcoming year. Aside from my interest in medicine as well as my extracurricular activities, I am interested in social justice and advocacy in that it enables me to fight for the rights of those deprived of them and campaign for change, and I plan on expanding my work in this area by volunteering with the Office of Student Equity here on campus! I also like to tune into my creative side in my pastime by delving into the art of digital video production, particularly filmmaking and video editing, as well as that of writing and journaling :)

I'm interested in running for an Associated Students of Irvine Valley College Senate position because it would allow me to serve the student body here at IVC while increasing my personal involvement on campus in the process. I see the student leadership and empowerment that ASIVC advances as the means by which we can foster a respectful and inclusive community where students are valued and welcomed as well as able to receive assistance and make the most of opportunities necessary for their successes and for a complete IVC experience. By taking part in the work of the institution recognized as the official voice of IVC students, particularly in the position of senator (if elected, of course!), I will not only have the opportunity to represent the interests of my fellow peers, but advocate for our collective voice to be heard so that we can reach a next-level state of empowerment and connectedness amongst one another even after the challenging times we overcome, together. Through this culture of care, the student advocacy I'll be able to promote and student support I'll be able to provide as an ASIVC senator means that students will be able to experience a greater sense of belonging on campus, resulting in improved academic achievement as well as increased engagement on an individual level so that each and every student can make the most out of his/her/their current college experience and beyond.

Mary Campbell

Mary CampbellMy name is Mary Campbell and I'm a second year Computer Engineering major. Along with programming, I love being active such as weight lifting and doing jiu jitsu. I have a passion for learning and teaching. I have experience in teaching math along with reading for about 3 years.

I'm interested in running for a Senate position for ASIVC because I love to take any opportunity to challenge myself. It is important to me to take initiative to teach my goals and to further my self development and growth. I always gravitate to leadership roles. I have a lot of experience in different career fields such as hospitality management, bookkeeping at an accounting firm, and being the lead trainer in multiple different companies. I would love to be a part of making a difference at IVC and helping all students.

Navid Sadigh

Navid SadighI am a freshman at IVC. I am 18 years old. I was part of the JSA during my senior year of high school.

I'm running for the ASIVC Senate position, because I want to make IVC a better place for everyone. I want to make sure that we can open up as quickly and as safely as possible. I will work as hard as I can to make sure that we can open up. I want to make sure that everyone will enjoy their time here at IVC.

Rachel Abalos

Rachel AbalosHey, Lasers! I'm Rachel Abalos, and I'd be honored to have the chance to represent you as an ASIVC senator! I currently serve you on the Honors Program Student Council Events Committee, and I'm a first-year majoring in Anthropology, for I believe honoring people from all backgrounds/experiences helps us work toward educational & health equity. My passions come from several worlds - from health research to mythology to public speaking to Folklore by Taylor Swift. I've dedicated 10 years of my life (so far) to theatre & performing arts, currently singing for the Irvine community on Sundays as a lead cantor at SJN (and posting song covers on YouTube). I love meeting new people and bonding over inspirations, life advice, and our visions for the future; what better place to experience this than at IVC!

One word: Accessibility. AKA the ability for all students to feel not only safe but EMPOWERED to express their needs for resources to THRIVE.

As senator, I will help to expand systems at IVC that embrace neurodiversity and support disability, welcome different walks of life, honor cultural backgrounds, or help any experience in which students want more connections for success on their journey.

I believe that opportunities should not only be in students' best interests but directly from student voices, which I have championed as a student proponent in my high school clubs to our donors including NASA, Fivepoint, and Irvine Chamber of Commerce for expanding science education and ethical practice.

As one among many IVC students who have a variety of interests, I will foster cross-curricular projects to serve several facets of the community so students can express not only through words, but through the power of our combined abilities."

Saoud Moon

Saoud MoonHello! My name is Saoud Moon and I am a first-year here at IVC. One of my most recognizable traits is that I am a massive basketball fan, specifically a huge Lakers fan. Some of my other hobbies include creative writing, obsessing over music, and binge-watching shows. When it comes to my career, I would describe myself as someone who is confident and extremely persistent; if I set my mind to anything, I try my absolute best to get it done. Also, I'd say that I am ambitious and care a lot about making a change in my community, specifically in the mental health field. As someone who has struggled with mental illnesses growing up, the issue of mental health is dear to me. For this reason, my primary goal in life is to start a non-profit that focuses on providing pro-bono therapy to marginalized communities. I have already utilized my leadership skills to work towards accomplishing this goal by becoming Vice-President at a local mental health non-profit, Crossroads Initiative. At Crossroads Initiative, I have led mental health seminars with over 200 people in attendance and have begun establishing mental health chapters all over Southern California. Adding on, I am extremely passionate about business and enjoy being a leader. I pursue my passion in business by running my own LLC, named Shop Moon LLC. At my business, I have learned many leadership skills and generated over six-figures in revenue. All in all, I am someone who cares a lot about being the best I can be and positively impacting my community!

I am interested in running for the Senate position for ASIVC because I am interested in advocating and leading towards making IVC a better school to attend. At the same time, I will represent students and their values well. I would like to push for change and progression at IVC while being Senator. Through my leadership ability, I will push IVC into evolving and becoming a better environment for every student attending.

Sarina Iwai

Sarina IwaiHey Lasers! My name is Sarina Iwai and I am a first year student currently majoring in business administration at IVC and I would love to be your next Senate! I've done a lot of moving since I was a child, making me used to new environments and meeting new people. I was born in Japan and moved to Korea soon after. When I was two, I moved to America and lived in San Jose, and after 5 years, I finally came to Irvine. I graduated from Portola High School this year and my hobbies are eating new food and watching k-dramas and anime. My goal for this year is to meet new people and make new connections at IVC :)

Reason for running for ASIVC: I am interested in running for a Senate position for ASIVC because I have always wanted to be a part of student government since high school. However, since I did not have the chance to be a part of it, I hope to use this opportunity to be a part of it at IVC. I have always loved helping others and making the school community feel stronger and better and joining ASIVC will allow me to do this. With my experience in leadership positions that I have had in high school, I hope to contribute to ASIVC and make students feel connected to everyone else, regardless of COVID and online learning. By joining ASIVC, I hope to make IVC feel like a second home for students and not make them feel ashamed or disconnected to others by going to a community college.