2021 Commencement Student Speaker

Brianna RossBrianna Ross
ASIVC President, Irvine Valley College


Brianna is originally from Santa Cruz and moved to Southern California to attend Irvine Valley College. She was a part of the inaugural cohort of the Irvine Valley Promise program and is completing her third year this spring. She developed a drive for community change through her involvement with the Associated Students of Irvine Valley College (ASIVC), where she was first elected as a senator then went on to become president. She has changed her major several times due to the abundant opportunities IVC offered that allowed her to explore her interests and develop a passion for public policy.

As a senator, she was involved in a number of projects to bolster student success such as Guided Pathways. After she attended the 2019 Guided Pathways Summit as an ASIVC representative, she helped to form ties between the two groups so that students would be front and center in conversations involving their academic paths. As president, she wanted to bring more students into the conversation, so she created a Guided Pathways Ad Hoc Committee within ASIVC as a liaison to Guided Pathways Completion Teams.

In the spring of 2020, Brianna served as the delegate representing IVC to Region VIII of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). She later joined the region executive board when she was elected as the legislative affairs director because she wanted to have a more hands-on role in advocating for the needs of California community college students. Soon after, she was prompted to run for vice president of communications. Amid the ongoing pandemic, she wanted to leverage her passion for graphic design and interpersonal communications to connect students with opportunities and resources.

She plans to attend the University of California, Riverside this fall to study public policy while continuing her involvement with the SSCCC as the newly elected vice president of regional affairs. In her career, she hopes to continue advocating for statewide policy changes and eventually become a California lawmaker.